The Artists-Who were the audience (and the critics) at the same time!

Once upon a time, a grand gathering was planned in celebration of a special event. A young, highly ambitious caterer was hired to render his services for the occasion. He worked laboriously to please the taste buds of the guests, as it was his own Walima ceremony. As the time came, he served the food and people started consuming it. When all was said and done, the guests returned to their homes grumbling about the quality of food.

The poor caterer took this to his heart. When he was rebuked, he responded in a stumbling tone, “O my dear fellows, I worked from sun-rise to sun-set to gain myself a few kind sentences of appreciation. But it didn’t turn out according to my expectations. The people complained about the food quality. Reality is that they don’t know what the real food is like. They are too naïve to taste such sophisticated dishes. If they are dissatisfied with my performance, they should have cooked it themselves. If they have such profound culinary knowledge, why would people like myself are lurking around as so-called caterers?”


If you can’t cook yourself, you have no right to have decent food. Similarly, if you are not a singer, you should not be allowed to listen to good music. If you are not a surgeon, YOUR APPENDIX SHOULD REMAIN IN YOUR GUT EVEN IN CASE OF APPENDICITIS!

Dear readers, if the moral sounds familiar to you, you are a TRUE PMCIAN!


The Philosopher’s Stone


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