“the PURPOSEFUL violent conflicts in PMC”

Kings of fighters, street fighters, mortal combat, tekken series, Dead or Alive, Fatal fury and a long long list of video games make up a huge part of “children’s” off-time conversation in schools.
the player controls an on-screen character and engages in one-on-one close combat with an opponent.
these characters ‘tend’ to be of equal power. And the fight matches consists of several ’rounds’, which take part in an arena
players must master techniques such as blocking, counter-attacking, and chaining together sequences of attacks known as ‘COMBOS’
borring ? lol anyways, my article is concerned with one out of many many similar stories in PMC in which the “on-scene-characters” are real persons instead of graphically designed animated fighters.
i wonder what a real ‘fight’ is… hmm.. my investigations tell that these are some of the rules of a true ‘fight’
1) It may take place under a certain set of ‘rules’ be unregulated
2) Fighting implies atleast a ‘defensive reaction”
3) It intends to esteblish dominance over the opposition

allright, logically what do you expect, two fully armed military forces fighting over european union treaty?? hah no way !
PMC’s ‘famous’ fights are “hand-to-hand” fights in which one feels the opponent with body (punching, kicking, strangling)
no wait they don’t usually hit but keep threatening the opponent ( mein bnday bula lounga, kha na leyin mere se kuch, isi corridor me btaounga tujhe theher tu…, aik padey gi tujhe, zyada bkwas na kr nahee to…. etc etc ) .. i wonder why they do so O_0

you might have heard about “zan, zar aur zameen” being the three considerable reasons behind a fight. and all these reasons ( usually the first one) ‘prettily’ demonstrate and typify PMC’s violent conflicts.
anyhow the other two reasons make a small part of sum total of all the conflicts since 1974 ( the year of its esteblishment )
the interesting fact is that the first reason makes up more than 70% of the total reasons during last few years ( whoa, sounds nasty 😀 )
yet another interesting fact is that the ‘fighting forces’ do not reveal the ‘genuine reason’ and mask it with somehow less “nasty” reasons

my purpose to write this article is that this alarming situation and disturbing sight of PMC should get totally unmasked. No sensible person with sound judgment skills would choose to become a cartoon-kid-hero or a video game animated fighter.
this subject matter badly needs to be threshed out because everybody knows that the true ‘story’ always wanders about the pmc corridors in ‘low-pitched’ voices.
” is it conspiracy? crucified for no sins….”
think !



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