It’s Show Time!


Out of many questions that shook my mind when I stepped into the “land of the Gangsters”, this one was one of the most vexing. I never found the answer, but convinced myself to somehow enjoy this event instead!

Yeah, I am talking about the sports day, where girls come with loads of make-up on their normally inauspicious faces and boys come in third-class, see-through shirts and tight jeans. The idiosyncrasy of the event lies in the fact that an “esteemed committee” (a bunch of brainless dudes and chicks) assigns a color to each class and a “theme” to portray at the event. The respective Sports Day Organizers (commonly referred to as SDOz) from each class strive day in, day out to collect “riches” from their “under-privileged” class fellows. These riches are utilized to purchase some random stuff which is subsequently used to decorate the “garbage-depot” commonly referred to as “stadium” in our college. The remaining cash is used to buy refreshments (which are often in such abundance that a kind of World War-III takes place when it is being served).

Now we talk about the “phenomenon of entries”. It is defined as “the succession of events which depict the assigned color and theme of a specific year”. The people possessing “inherent super abilities” come forward and oblige the whole class by embellishing themselves with idiotic costumes. After their “ENTRY”, they usually perform the following strenuous tasks and further gratify the whole class:
1)    Dance clumsily
2)    Sit idly
3)    Take plenty of  photographs (probably to show their grand-children that their grandpa had done some cool stuff during his college days)
4)    Make merry
5)    Snatch a lion’s share of the refreshments so as to replenish the energy they had lost performing the above mentioned arduous tasks.

In addition to these “meaningful” happenings, there maybe an extra topping of a “teacher-student” match and prize-distribution plus “musical chair drama” in sports inauguration and final sports day respectively. I am not going to say anything about the Teacher-Student Cricket Match (because “samajh te tussi gye o”). As regards the prize-distribution, college people usually invite a “special guy” to give away the medals etc. The special guy’s quality is his “retardation”. He comes in a hurry and leaves in a hurry and shows the extent of his retardation throughout his brief stay.
The musical chair thing is the only “enjoyable masala” in the whole event because we have a chance to see the blissful faces of the old, nutty Professors during the process. Really, seeing the senior citizens of the medical society having that much fun is a rare spectacle.

Lastly, I don’t want to miss the loud-speaker guy who is a kind of commentator. Actually his problem is that nobody pays any attention to what he has to say. But that guy is extremely consistent and he goes on shouting throughout the event. I only see one advantage of his presence: He keeps the atmosphere full of noise-pollution so that people may not think that PMC is devoid of this variety of pollution!


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