Is Something Really Better Than Nothing?

“Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!”

This is a typical statement, issued at the end of most discussions taking place amongst the PMCians. The statement in itself is really “profound” but the discussions at the end of which it is issued are even more “profound”. I will be giving only a few examples here.

Discussion 1:-

Pappoo: Have you heard something about that guy who was beaten up?

Jaggoo: Yeah, I was in the hostel too and witnessed the thrashing myself. It was quite legendary!😀

Pappoo: No, not that one. I am talking about the lad who was slapped by Sir ABC.

Jaggoo: Yeah, mates told me about the poor fellow. It is sad, indeed. But they also said that he was involved in some objectionable stuff.

Pappoo: Regardless of that, I think there should be some freedom here. In XYZ Medical College, teachers don’t bother about their students’ lives and students are free to show their talent in whatever way they want to.

Jaggoo: I agree with you. But hey, don’t lose hope. One day, they will allow us to show our talent and “freedom will ring from every corner of PMC!”

Pappoo: Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!

Discussion 2:-

Pappoo: I have heard that there are co-batches in XYZ Medical College. The girls and boys attend the tutorials and practicals together. I end up cursing my fate each time when I hear such things.

Jaggoo: It is not just limited to tutorials and practicals. The girls and boys also perform the dissection together.

Pappoo: Oh my God! That means the boys stand beside the girls? :O

Jaggoo: Yes. One of my friends told me that they even touch the girls whenever they get a chance without the fear of slaps and kicks.

Pappoo: Now don’t tell me that they get those chances often…

Jaggoo: Dude, you are a mind-reader!😉

Pappoo: Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!

Discussion 3:-

Pappoo: What about the trip dude? Have they decided something?

Jaggoo: No, I think they have dropped the idea. Better luck next time.

Pappoo: Alas! A friend of mine told me that they enjoy co-trips in XYZ Medical College. Boys and girls together, in the same damn bus and all types of classy stuff! And we are not even worthy of a plain, all-boys trip!!😦

Jaggoo: Don’t worry dude. There is still hope, you can go home and sleep instead!

Pappoo: Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!

Discussion 4:-

Pappoo: Here, see this video. My friend from XYZ Medical College filmed it. See how the girls are dancing and there are boys there too!

Jaggoo: Awesome! We should also have something like this here in PMC.

Pappoo: Hey I heard that there is going to be a function similar to this in PMC too. Maybe we can realize our dreams there!

Jaggoo: Sorry dude, it has been cancelled. But don’t worry, there is still hope. We can go home and sleep instead!

Pappoo: Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!

Discussion 5:-

Pappoo: How much time is left for the preparation of the next sub-stage?

Jaggoo: Three days precisely. But the time may increase because the girls were planning to see the H.O.D.

Pappoo: How will you know about the outcome of their visit?


Pappoo: Alas! In XYZ Medical College, boys don’t have to wait for girls to break the news on Facebook, they go and ask the girls directly.

Jaggoo: Yeah, that’s right. But hey, you can ask that girl whose number I gave you last week.

Pappoo: Nah, she hasn’t replied me till now.

Jaggoo: Don’t lose hope dude. She will reply one day and the sub-stage will also get delayed.

Pappoo: Yaar! We have nothing here, in PMC!

The sense of deprivation and Pappoo’s inferiority complex can be easily observed in the above lines. It is for the readers to decide whether this thinking of Pappoo is justified or it is baseless.

Note:- (for the persons who are offended when the attributes of ‘Pappoo’ are mentioned)

Pappoo is a fictitious character. While writing the articles, I don’t have any specific guy in my mind. If anybody feels that the character of Pappoo, in any way, has a resemblance with his personality, he should feel free TO IMPROVE HIMSELF (that is, by not being Pappoo) or otherwise he should stop feeling that he is being pointed out.


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