Guest Post: Mrs. in Making

Ladies! (and guys who are interested) what was going through your minds as you entered into medical college on your first day?

Was your heart bursting with compassion and drive to change the health care situation of those millions and millions of Pakistanis out there without adequate health care? Does it not go out to those poor souls waiting and languishing on the steps of an empty facility, awaiting the arrival of a doctor non-existent, only to receive some quack whose idea of a cure for every disease is an injection to the leg?

Or leaving aside your charitable hopes, were you dreaming of a fulfilling and enriching college experience that includes availing the several late night call packages the progressive mobile companies of this nation offer; networking with senior students who will provide you with much needed guidance and notes/books/gossip; and of course, plenty of opportunities to interact purposefully with the opposite sex.

It is no secret that college is the profligate breeding ground for matrimonial aspirations, and a medical college such as yours is no exception. But here are several reasons why the (un)fortunate fellow you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, should be the last thing on your mind.

– How in the world will you fulfill your desires to become that very neurosurgeon/orthopedic/ heart specialist you always wanted to be if your head is filled with designs for your wedding dress? You might as well save yourself from the destiny of a Mrs. Gynecologist (not that this country doesn’t need more female gynecologists, but we need other female specialists too) and concentrate on your career.

– Boys are trash and nor worth the importance you give them. Plus they gossip more about your new dress and shoes than all your dorm-mates combined. Do you really want to know what he thinks about the length of your kamiz or your new haircut? You might as well ask your most beloved (the most annoying, two-faced and loud) Aunty. Besides, they don’t care.

– You’re going to get married anyway.

–  Do you really want to spend your life with someone who has been in the suffocating classrooms, torturous exams and had the same insufferable teachers? In short, the same life experiences as yours? Besides, imaging the conditions in the male hostels, do you really want a creature from there in your house?

Need I go on? And for those ladies offended by my assumptions that none of you are serious about your studies, don’t waste your energy telling me that. Take it as advice to heed just in case. And you could probably enlighten us all of the more noble reasons of coming to med school.

And those gentlemen (if you were one, you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place, by the way) who think I just wrote this to deplore your kind and diminish any chance of you getting a female companion to pass time with during your college life, you’re probably right.